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What is Disruption

Disruption has been a part of society for millennia. Historical stories tell tales of revolutions in methods of analysis, scientific exploration, technological development, and more. We could reach back to the development of the Greek Phalanx and building of the Great Pyramid at Copan - Dr. Blackthorne assisted on the project to excavate these ruins in Central America. In more modern history, we know about Henry Ford and the creation of the assembly line. And recently, the proliferation of the smart-phone caught many by surprise.

The string that ties all of these momentous recordings together is that they disrupted the course of history in a profound way. Most people only hear about these history-making events after the event has already occurred and is recorded for others to read. Few are able to live in the moment and experience the awe - the inspiration - that such disruption generates along with it.

What if you could see disruption in its infancy, predict likely outcomes, and use that inspiration to help your organization lead the way into a new paradigm? With modern technology, historical understanding, multi-discipline expertise, and a splash of creativity FSU Consulting creates a window of opportunity for you to capitalize on recent advances to improve your business, and create new markets.

A recent example of disruption which has afforded massive change and opened possibilities for new markets which have yet to be fully realized is the development and proliferation of the smart-phone. When we were children in the 1980s, a computer required a "computer cart" and used external memory that could hold less than one megabyte of data. The most powerful computer in the world in 1985 was the "Cray 2 Supercomputer" which occupied an entire laboratory. Today, we each hold in our hands computing power that can perform the same computational difficulties as the Cray 2 in nearly one-third of the time.

Smart-phones have enabled nearly instantaneous recall of information which is archived worldwide, and nearly instantaneous communication by voice and video for more than 80% of residents in the United States. These capabilities have been leveraged across industries to change everything from mass-media marketing to ordering hamburgers.

Looming on the horizon is a revolution in transportation. Truly revolutionary disruption occurs when there is a convergence - in this case, technology related to communications (wireless, handheld, etc) has undergone an enormous change, people's attitudes toward transportation have undergone a major shift, and advancements in automotive technology have reached a culminating peak. In less than 30 years - one generation - we will see individual ownership of automobiles disappear, and transportation will be service-oriented in electric cars which drive themselves. Furthermore, once the human error is removed from traffic control, computers can begin to safely navigate in three-dimensions.

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